Data Science – Five Element Analytics
March 2, 2017

Data Science

We create value for our customers using a number of techniques.

Machine Learning

Our expertise in machine learning algorithms, both supervised and unsupervised, allow us to conduct predictive and prescriptive models for our clients. Through machine learning techniques we can uncover models that can predict customer acquisition and retention, risk/loss purchases, fraudulent transactions and much more across a number of industries.


“The purpose of visualization is insight not pictures”- Ben Shniederman

Using the latest tools in visualization, we deliver our results in a manner easily understood by our clients. We feel the key to delivering actionable results lies in the ability to convey our findings accurately and clearly with the proper visualization tools

Data Mining

Uncovering hidden insights in data represents the pinnacle for data mining. Using traditional exploratory and confirmatory techniques, our analysis dive into the complexity of internal data and incorporate external data to identify those opportunities not easily seen by traditional business intelligence solutions.

Advanced Methods

Using advanced methods for text mining analysis or social network connections, we can extract more areas for opportunity. We aim to utilize the data available to your organization and make clear actionable items, whether dealing with structured data or unstructured data, such as text, video, social connections, etc. Unstructured data represents the most significant opportunity for analysis and insight.

We love turning your data into actionable results.