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Striking the balance between the analytical methods and the domain expertise helps us deliver results for organizations. We partner with your team, sharing our data science knowledge and helping you apply these advance methods in an easy to understand fashion. We call this the \”Yin-Yang of Analytics\”.

Analytic Cycle

Analytics paradigms are dynamic. They grow and expand, change and inform as your organization changes. Therefore, we believe in a strong cycle of analytics based on the notion of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire. When the 5 elements of analytics are put into practice, the results are extraordinary.


Our team is skilled in exploratory analysis. We work with your team to explore your data in a variety of ways with the ultimate goal of creating opportunities and delivering value. Although our analysis may use complex methods, we help your team understand the concepts and their proper application.


Without value, we cant exist! Everything we do is geared toward delivering value from the data provided. We do this through a close collaboration with your team in which the analytics and intuition work in harmony to provide insight. Together we uncover the hidden value from the terabytes of data you have.

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Generate value from your data through analytics.

Our experienced analytics consultants tackle complex information challenges by developing a strategic approach to understanding, interpreting and modeling your data. Our team develops results that will enable your team to take action and deliver results. Our goal is to build relationships with our customers and work with you and your team to understanding models that can be reused, modified and enhanced. Our team is well versed in the popular tools for analytics including but not limited to SAS, R, Tableau, Google Analytics, MySQL, MongoDB, Hadoop. Our quantitative team works with basic statistical models, multivariate analysis, social network analysis, time series analysis, trending, forecasting, and simulations.

  • Assessments

    We can help your team identify gaps and help you develop a strategy for building an analytics practice

  • Analytics Force

    Need qualified staff? We can help you find the right resource that will fit in your team

  • Projects / Enrichment

    Our Enrichment Program deliver projects and tweak results and help deliver new methods of analysis to your organization

  • Training

    We offer training both on site and offsite for your team in all the latest software required for analytics.


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